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Jane Darcy

French Lavender 7 Lovage .

French Lavender 7 Lovage .

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Just Me                                                                              Lose yourself in the seductive natural aroma of French lavender and lovage. A real classic. Tranquil and calming, this harmonious aroma envelopes your environment and evokes a sense of relaxation. This pure and simple formula has been expertly blended to encourage you to be present, to create a ‘just me’ moment. A moment for you to slow down, unwind and restore the harmony in your life.

Each Jane Darcy candle is accompanied by a complementary box of matches and a handwritten personalizable gift card, presented in a luxurious gift box, and finished with a beautiful hand tied gift bag.

Our beautiful range of candles are 100% natural soy wax and boast 10% parfum. We use lead free cotton wicks and we do not use any petrochemical paraffin, mineral wax or harsh preservatives.

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